Why Karabakh Has No Information Policy


29-10-2007 18:14:19

Over the past 15 years the Karabakh government has not focused on
the information policy, said the editor of the Chto Delat Newspaper
Murad Petrosyan during the round-table meeting in NKR with Russian
and German experts.

"Karabakh is not in blockade. The systemic propaganda war currently
waged in the region strongly affects the public consciousness of the
international community. And since the Azerbaijani machine is mostly
active, the world is now using the Azerbaijani phraseology to refer
to the conflict.

Karabakh is not offering anything in return. The latest example is
the visit of the Azerbaijani delegation led by their ambassador to
Russia. In answer to the activities of the Azerbaijani media which
have posted an immense amount of information on web sites, Karabakh
is silent," Alexander Krilov, a Russian political scientist, says.

During the round-table meeting a number of opinions were heard,
confirming that Karabakh is not providing enough assistance and
content for an information policy. Meanwhile, the information space,
unlike all the rest, has no limits, and even not being recognized
cannot be a hurdle for an information policy. It takes only wish and
an awareness of objectives to conduct a policy. Karabakh need not
falsify, misinform like others, we have enough political arguments.

"I hope after the election of the new president reforms will be
carried out in this sphere as well," said one of the participants of
the meeting.

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