UN Adopted Armenian Initiative


Lragir, Armenia
Oct 1 2007

In its sixth session on September 28 the UN Human Rights Council
adopted the Resolution on the Protection of cultural heritage as an
important component of the promotion and protection of cultural rights,
coauthored and proposed by Armenia, the foreign ministry reported.

This interregional resolution was coauthored by the members and
observers of the Human rights Council Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia,
Russia, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, Angola, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia, Belarus
and other countries. It urges to honor and preserve cultural heritage
as a component of the cultural identity of peoples and individuals,
tolerance, respect, dialogue and collaboration between peoples and

The resolution defines the destruction of cultural heritage as a
violation of cultural rights, and underlines the responsibility of
nations for intentional destruction and failure to prevent, stop and
prosecute. During the same session Armenia presented materials on
the destruction of the Armenian medieval cemetery of Djolfa and the
Armenian cultural heritage in Nakhidjevan in general.

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