Vahram Atanesyan: Azerbaijan’s Position Will Not Change After The Pr


ArmRadio – Public Radio, Armenia
Sept 26 2007

Azerbaijan will not change it position in the negotiation process
after the presidential elections of 2008, Chairman of NKR Parliamentary
Standing Committee on Foreign Relations Vahram Atanesyan told Noyyan
Tapan correspondent. In his words, there is an impression that in the
current situation Azerbaiajn has stiffened its position and does not
accept the principles of settlement proposed by the mediators. Thus,
according to Vahram Atanesyan, the perspective of the peaceful solution
of the issue remains uncertain.

According to the MP, in the near future there will be no meetings
either between neither the Presidnets nor the Foreign Ministers of
Armenia and Azerbaijan, which means that there are no new edges of
contact between the parties.

"Of course, some experts and politicians are inclined to associate
on Azerbaijan’s position in the negotiations with the domestic
developments in the country, but I think it cannot be considered the
main reason," Vahram Atanesyan underlined. According to him, it is more
probable that Azerbaijan is growing into a rather influential country
in the region, which brings forward the temptation of resolving the
Karabakh conflict to its favor. In Vahram Atanesyan’s words, this
finds reflection in the statements of all political figures.

As a positive trend, the MP mentions the fact that there are some
clues in the mediators’ statements that Karabakh’s inclusion in the
talks is becoming a necessity.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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