The Marxist Warns Artashes Geghamyan And Opposition


Lragir, Armenia
Sept 7 2007

It is uncertain where the vector of the opposition is directed. The
leader of the Marxist Party Davit Hakobyan spoke about this uncertainty
on September 7 at the Pastark Club. According to him, the opposition
is divided into two controversial strands. "Controversial in terms of
tactics. One of the groups wants to get on the party ticket with Serge
Sargsyan through political blackmail and at any price. The other group
includes compromise-bound renegades," says Davit Hakobyan. According
to him, the first group is not even going to work out a tactics
until the presidential election. "The opposition should act nip
and tuck before the presidential campaign, and their slogan must
be: "full capitulation of Artsakh vikings and the Republican junta
without preconditions". Their lackeys are repeating all the time they
can’t be defeated, they are strong, and only their representative
can be president," says Davit Hakobyan and tells the ruling elite:
"The Republic is ruled by laws and not by force."

After the first united move he thinks the opposition must remove the
Republican Party from government before the presidential election
because if this regime runs in the presidential election, people
will be deprived of the right to express their will. Davit Hakobyan
says the government of the Vikings of Artsakh have already held three
unfair elections, and it is ingenuous to think the fourth will be fair.

By saying renegades he means Artashes Geghamyan who states that
the opposition and the government must join to meet the external
challenges. "Like Ulyanov Lenin used to criticize the juvenile disease
of leftists, I would like to analyze Artashes Geghamyan’s and his
supporters’ rightist disease," Davit Hakobyan says hinting at the
side Geghamyan the renegade wants to reach a compromise with.

"Serge Sargsyan? I would like to remind honorable Geghamyan that in
terms of perception of foreign challenges Serge Sargsyan’s political
threshold is Baden-Baden and Monaco. Serge Sargsyan does not need
parliamentary brains. He needs dairy cows, humble bootlickers and
marionettes," says Davit Hakobyan adding that it is time to come round.

In this sense it is interesting if the Marxist himself has come round,
who once visited one of the regions of Armenia with Geghamyan and was
delighted with such a powerful, popular, sensible and comprehensive
person. "Artashes Geghamyan remains one of the best educated and
intelligent persons in the political sphere. I admired how the
province received him, kissed his hand. I did not see the meetings
in the city. Besides, I am not criticizing, I am rejecting compromise
renegades. It does not mean we are not political partners.

We are partners with the entire opposition, and I think Artashes
Geghamyan has a lot to do for the nation," Davit Hakobyan says.

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