Terror Against Yezids Destabilizes North Iraq

By H. Chaqrian

AZG Armenian Daily #151

Middle East

On August 14 in the Yezid settlements near Sanjar town of North Iraq
took place three explosions, in result of which 500 people were killed
and more than one thousand seriously injured. In connection with this
act of terrorism, the most violent since the unleashing of the war
against Iraq, police authorities suggest that it could be organized
by Sunnite radicals supporting Al-Qaeda.

In despite of the suspicions of the police president of the "Kurdistan"
region of North Iraq Masoud Barzanee is rather inclined to accuse
Turkey for the organization of the explosions. Moreover, president of
Iraq Jalal Talabanee openly stated that Turkish special services and
Iranian intelligence is responsible for the acts of terror against

However, the real organizers of the explosions have not been found. In
fact, the purpose of any terrorist act is attracting international
attention to a certain issue and sending the world community some
certain message. That is why terrorist organizations always take
responsibility for the acts soon after they take place.

As Al-Qaeda took no responsibility for the aforementioned explosions
in North of Iraq, we suggest that Al-Qaeda has become a scapegoat for
governmental secret services performing acts of terror. Therefore,
accusations by Barzanee and Talabanee seem quite sensible.

Cetin Diyar in an article published in "Hay Tert" (Istanbul) writes
that the "Union of Turkish Avengers" organization is listed among those
supposedly responsible for the explosions. It is known that Turkish
authorities, in order to prevent uniting Kirkuk with "Kurdistan",
held consultations with heads of Arabic Sunnite organizations and
urged Turkmen organizations of Iran to take coungter-measures.

Whoever stands beyond the explosions, they serve the interests of
both Turkey, desiring destabilization of the region and the USA,
provoking conflicts between nations so as to insure and preserve its
military and geopolitical influence around the world.

To be mentioned, the "Union of Turkish Avengers" has earned renown very
lately. Earlier was better known the "Brigade of Turkish Avengers",
which was involved in the scandalous murder of Hrant Dink. Seemingly,
there was a number of such "brigades", which recently united and
formed the Union.