Armenian Observers Delighted With Kazakhstan Elections

19:32 22/08/2007

On August 18, the group of observers from Armenia returned from
Kazakhstan, where they oversaw the parliamentary elections…and
the observers were delighted with what they saw. Out of the 10
thousand voting places, the two groups of Armenians made it to five
stations. We remind that head of the legal method committee in Armenia,
Sevak Hovhannisyan, went on a short-term basis, as did Lusine Torosyan
and head expert Nune Karapetyan, from the same committee.

As Hovhannisyan informed, no violations were registered
by the Armenian team.

Not only that, the population participated in the elections with
great enthusiasm. Also, of the 10 thousand polling stations, voters
were able to vote electronically in three thousand locations. The
Armenians were also enthralled by seeing the Kazakh flag and state
emblem in each of the polling locations.

Hovhannisyan stated that classical music was played during the entire
voting process, and that there was a ceremony after the voting,
which they did not participate in.

We point out that the president’s party won by 88.8% of the vote,
which was noted with displeasure by some foreign observers. This means
the opposition didn’t reach the required 7% needed to enter parliament.