President Of Turkish Science Company Halacoglu Opposed By His Own Co

By H. Chaqrian

AZG Armenian Daily

Halacoglu’s Dismissal Demanded by "Justice and Prosperity" party

President of the Turkish Science Company professor Yusuf Halacoglu has
officially stated on an international conference in Kesaria, Turkey,
that the ethnos of Kurds have Turkmen origin and the ethnos known as
"Kurd-Alavis" are of Armenian origin.

This statement roused irritation among scientific and political circles
of Turkey. Halacoglu was condemned by the leaders of the Kurdish
"Democratic Society" organization, who in result of parliamentary
elections of July 22 were admitted to the Parliament of Turkey.

Alavi organizations were also quick to express their protest.

Deliberations about the statement still go on, and irritation it
roused is escalating. It is remarkable that Prime Minister Erdogan’s
party also condemns Halacoglu, accusing him for racism. In the
meanwhile Turkish press reminds how in 2005 Halacoglu defamed Nobel
Prize laureate Orhan Pamuk for his statements about massacres of
Armenians and Kurds, how in 2006, after France adopted a low about
the Armenian Genocide, he made a show about the genocide in Algeria
and how he conealed the letters of Latife Khanum, the wife of Mustafa
Kemal Ataturk.

Of all the publications on this issue in the Turkish press the article
by "Hurriret" is the most remarkable. On August 21 "Hurriet" wrote
that Halacoglu is not a plain person but he is the head of the Turkish
Science Company, specializing in studies about "the alleged Armenian
Genocide" and that Turkish authorities rely on his researches when
defending their position on the Genocide. "In case Halacoglu’s last
statement is estimated scientifically, Turkey’s situation will be
miserable. It seems that we shall have go on in this struggle (against
Armenian ‘allegations’ – Azg)" on the lowest scientific level, which
surely shall lead us to defeat," adds "Hurriet".

According to "Gundem" newspaper, sociologist Ismail Besikci in
connection with Halacoglu’s statements said, "People like Halacoglu
think that 2×2 equals 5.

His conclusions are anti-scientific and therefore are worth of no
attention". Turkish Armenian writer Mkrtich Markosian said that
Halacoglu is an obvious nationalist therefore his statements are

According to "Radikal" professor Aktar thinks that Halacoglu,
telling about Armenians turned to Islam because of deportation,
de-facto confessed that the mass deportations took place indeed. And
professor Oran said about Halacoglu, "Soon he will declare Adam and
Eve Turkish, too".

"Democratic Society" representatives, who demanded dismissal
of Halacoglu and and submitted a corresponding petition to the
Parliament, now are joined by a great number of "Justice and
prosperity" members. One of them said that Halacoglu’s statement
about the origis of Kurds is pure racism and the Prosecutor’s Office
shouldstart and investigation.

By the way, Halacoglu was appointed on his office in 1993, September
21. The candidatures to the post of the Science Company’s director
are suggested by the Prime Minister and approved by the Education
Council and the Government for one-year term. The Prime Minister is
authorized to prolong this term each year.

Possibly this year Prime Minister Erdogan will make a decision not
to prolong Halacoglu’s term once more.