Ambassador Of The Republic Of Korea To Armenia Lee Kyu-Hyung: We’ll

By Nana Petrosian

AZG Armenian Daily #150


The newly appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Korea Lee Kyu-hyung
expressed his regret at not performing his mission continuously in
Armenia because of the residence in Moscow.

"As I expected, I met a warm hospitality here, and I felt I would
like to come here often", said the Ambassador in the interview with
"Azg" daily.

On August 17, the newly appointed Ambassador of the Republic of
Korea to Armenia Lee Kyu-hyung presented his credentials to President
Robert Kocharian.

The President of Armenia congratulated the Ambassador with his
nomination and noted that in the Asian direction of Armenia’s foreign
policy Korea occupies an important place.

Robert Kocharian mentioned with satisfaction positive dynamics of
cooperation between the two states, the increasing mutual interest and
efficient cooperation in the framework of international organizations.

Noting that success of the Korean economy in different areas is
impressive, President of Armenia said that it could be instructive
for Armenia, which is going through the intricacies of the transition

Ambassador Lee Kyu-hyung said that he was deeply impressed by the
ancient history and culture of Armenia. According to the Korean
Ambassador, his country is interested in Armenia’s more active
involvement in the numerous Korean training, experience sharing and
development programs.

"Korea shows interest in involving Armenia in its different projects",
Lee Kyu-hyung informed in his interview with "Azg" daily, after the
meeting with the Consul of Honor of the Republic of Korea to Armenia
Armen Abrahamian. "This year the Korean side is ready to receive 3
officials of Armenia on this purpose.

It’s planned to invite delegation of 10 Armenian scientists, experts
and officials next year, who will have the opportunity to be acquainted
with Korea’s informational technologies and development process of
economy. After that, we will discuss concrete cooperation projects.

Korean cultural figures will visit Armenia in October-November of
this year on the 15th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between
Armenia and Korea".

Lee Kyu-hyung highlights the importance of the legislative basis
for the protection of the investments in Armenia, which will help to
widen and deepen the bilateral relations of the two states.

The Ambassador of Korea mentioned that the Armenian-Korean relations
were not strong yet, but they could be impossible if not the efforts
of Armen Abrahamian.

Armen Abrahamian also underlined that the readiness of Lee Kyu-hyung
would contribute to the development of the relations of the two
countries, as there is also the active contribution of the President
of Armenia.

At the end of the interview, the Ambassador assured that we would
record noticeable success in the cooperation of the two states in
the next year.

According to the two indexes of RA Foreign Ministry there has been
recorded a success in this sphere – in 2003 the commodity circulation
between Armenia and Korea was 2,2 mln U.S. dollars, and in 2006 it
reached to 8,9 mln U.S. dollars.

There is evident dynamics of growth in this sphere.

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