Elections Of Heads Of District Electoral Commissions Held


Noyan Tapan
Aug 21, 2007

YEREVAN, AUGUST 21, NOYAN TAPAN. Elections of the heads of all the
41 newly created district electoral commissions (DEC) of the Republic
of Armenia took place on August 21.

According to the RA Electoral Code, each DEC has a member appointed by
members of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC). The CEC chairman
Garegin Azarian stated at the CEC sitting on the same day that 13
out of the members of 41 DECs appointed by the Armenian president’s
representative at the CEC have been elected DEC chairmen, 12 –
deputy chairmen and 9 have been elected secretaries. 14 members
appointed by the representative of the Republican Party of Armenia
(RPA) have been elected DEC chairmen, 10 – deputy chairmen and
11 – secretaries. 7 members appointed by the "Prosperous Armenia"
party and the ARF party have been elected chairmen (7 from each of
these two parties), 8 – deputy chairmen (from each party) and 9 and
8 members respectively – secretaries of DECs. No chairmen have been
elected from members appointed by the "Orinats Yerkir" party (OYP) and
"Zharangutyun" ("Heritage") party, 1 deputy chairman and 2 secretaries
have been elected from OYP, 2 deputy chairmen and 2 secretaries –
from "Heritage".

The model of the voting-paper for by-elections to be held on August 26
at electoral district No 15 by the majoritarian electoral system was
unanimously approved at the CEC sitting. The commission discussed the
application of Vahagn Petrosian, candidate at the indicated electoral
district, containing the candidate’s request to determine "a new
day of elections" instead of August 26. According to the applicant,
new precinct electoral commissions have to be set up within 16-19 days
from August 21, and in case of not postpoing the voting day, the order
of formation of electoral commissions would be violated: the district
electoral commission has already been formed in accordance with the
new order, while precinct electoral comissions have not yet been
formed. The CEC, however, takes the view that the day of by-elections
has been decided in line with the period envisaged by the Electoral
Code. In response to another question of the applicant, the commission
assured him that no violation of the Electoral Code has been registered
in the given electoral district during the pre-election campaign:
the CEC and the given DEC are keeping "control over observation of
the pre-election propaganda order".

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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