School Of Young Astrophysicists To Be Established In Armenia In 2008


Aug 20, 2007

YEREVAN, August 20. /ARKA/. A school of young astrophysicists will
be established in Armenia in 2008. The event will be timed to the
100th anniversary of the renowned scientist, Academician Viktor
Hambartsumian, Academician of the RA National Academy of Sciences
(NAS) Yuri Chilingarian reported during the opening ceremony of the
Joint European and National Astronomy Meeting-2007 (JENAM).

According to Aram Simonian, Rector of the Yerevan State University
(YSU), the meeting allows young astrophysicists and students to come
in touch with each other and get involved into international research
projects, as well as guides them in the labor market.

"We hope the ideas shared during the JENAM-2007 will be embodied
both in the activities of the YSU’s Faculty of Astrophysics and
research programs and cooperation projects of Byurakan Observatory
of Astrophysics," he said.

According to Avetis Sadoyan, Professor in the department of
Astrophysics, in the course of the activities of eight symposiums and
six scientific groups of JENAM-2007, students and young specialists
will be given an opportunity to get acquainted with the world situation
in the sphere of astrophysics, as well as to establish contacts both
in Armenia and abroad.

Organized by the joint efforts of the Yerevan Astronomical Society
and Armenian Astronomical Society, JENAM-2007(August 20-25) is being
held in Armenia under the slogan "Our non-Stable Universe". About
300 scientists from 37 countries participate in it.

Byurakan Observatory of Astrophysics was founded in 1946 on the
mountain Aragats. The bloom of the Armenian astronomy is connected
with the renowned scientist Academician Viktor Hambartsumian.

The results of researches carried out in Byurakan were recognized
worldwide and became basis of new branches in physics.

Viktor Hambartsumian (1908-1996) lay down the foundations of the
quantitative model of processes running in gaseous nebula under the
influence of stars.

He is the founder of the theory of the radiative equilibrium, including
important cases of metastable state in nebulas (the existence of the
so-called forbidden lines of absorption). Hambartsumian’s researches
lay down the foundations of the statistic mechanics of stellar systems
(binary and multiple stars).

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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