Why They Want To Be President Or Member Of Parliament

Haik Aramyan

Lragir, Armenia
Aug 16 2007

The Armenian police have recently released a message that Artak
Alexanyan born in 1985 told the police in a fight in front of the
Relax disco club someone stabbed him and A. Simonyan with a sharp
object and fled. A. Simonyan died at the hospital. According to the
Aravot, the fight involved A. Simonyan and Haik Sargsyan, the son of
Member of Parliament Alexander Sargsyan, who is serving in the army
but is in fact a frequenter of disco clubs, and his friends. And this
someone is Ashik Misak Nazaretyan born in 1983 wanted by the police.

According to the Aravot, this is not the first case when Alexander
Sargsyan’s sons are involved in similar incidents but are never

In the parliamentary election of 2007 Alexander Sargsyan was elected
to parliament from Syunik where his opponent was the former minister
of defense of NKR Samvel Babayan. Serge Sargsyan tried his best to make
his brother a member of parliament. First he managed to persuade Samvel
Babayan with promises to withdraw his candidacy (and the latter was
unable to give any logical explanation of his withdrawal except for
"national liberation" excuses). During the meeting with the voters
of Syunik Serge Sargsyan promised to do everything if only they vote
for his brother.

In no country is an election a matter of life and death, it is just a
political event. In Armenia, however, its importance has been boosted
to vital importance to solve the problems of a group of people. For
instance, if Sashik Sargsyan were not a member of parliament, the
Armenian parliament and people would only benefit. First, someone else
would appear in the parliament instead of him who would make at least a
statement or would make at least a law. In that case Sashik Sargsyan’s
sons would behave more modestly. For its part, the state budget would
grow a little because outside the parliament this type of "activists"
would perhaps beware and start paying taxes. And so on. And there
are dozens like Sashik Sargsyan. Meanwhile, we witness the opposite –
this kind of "activists" aspire to parliamentary mandates. To avoid
taxes and for their families to avoid responsibility, for their sons
to serve in the army formally, and so on.