Turkish Organizations In America – Behind Schedule

Arthur Hovhannisyan

Hayoc Ashkharh, Armenia
Aug 16 2007

Interview with the Person in Charge of the Office of ARF Bureau of
Armenian Cause and Political Issues Kiro Manoyan

"Turkish unions in the USA have started their "attack" to hinder the
adoption of resolution 106. Can they really manage to do so?"

"In my view in this issue Turkish organizations in America are
behind schedule, because more than half of the members of the House
of Representatives (226) appear as co-authors of resolution 106.

Hardly can the efforts of the Turkish community have any influence on
the congressmen. I also believe the resolution will definitely be put
to vote by the end of this year. Most probably the resolution will
be put to vote, in case no military changes occur, that can force
the Congress leadership change their minds. But, at the moment there
are no bases for such a change, consequently I believe by the end of
the year the resolution will be put to vote and adopted by the House
of Representatives."

"The Assembly of Turkish Unions in the USA came out with an
announcement entitled "An Alarm of Swift Actions: a Message Should
be Sent to the Congress", where they appeal to all the Turks for
fighting the adoption of the Resolution on the Recognition of the
Genocide. Do you think the Commission on Armenian Cause in the USA
needs to counteract this challenge? If yes – in what way?"

"First of all I should mention that it is the Turkish organizations
that counteract the steps taken by the Commission on Armenian
Cause. Because even during summer holidays the commission continues
to maneuver Armenian community. The latter has expressed his viewpoint
to the congressmen by different means, including telephone calls.

That is why the Commission on Armenian Cause doesn’t need to counteract
the actions of the Turkish organizations. Instead we continue to work
persistently in this direction. In my view it will be very difficult
for the Turkish organizations to change the positive attitude of
the congressmen."

"According to the information published, the organization called
"Turkish Coalition in America" has supported a campaign – they send
letters to the congressmen aimed at hindering the voting and adoption
of resolution 106. Are they trying to influence the congressmen by
means of sending letters only?"

"I should mention that this campaign includes lobbyist organizations
supported by Turkish government as well as other interested circles
that are active in Turkish -American relations and they are trying to
support Turkish government in this issue. Sending letters is a small
part of this big campaign. We shouldn’t overlook the fact that during
the previous months several Turkish parliamentary delegations visited
America, especially for resolution 106. We shouldn’t also forget about
the visits of Turkish Prime-Minister, Foreign Minister and Head of
General Headquarter to America – mainly for the same purpose.

Anyhow they didn’t achieve their goal. I strongly believe this
will be the last effort for the Turkish organizations to try to
save something. In my view Congress leadership realizes that if the
majority of the House of Representatives has already come out as a
co-author of the resolution it will be very difficult to stop them."

"Does the Commission on Armenian Cause have any idea about the contents
of those letters?"

"No, but besides letters they have publications, where they throw the
real, historical facts into question and try to represent resolution
106 as a blow to Turkish-American relations.

The Commission on Armenian Cause has already apposed to all this,
trying to explain the political circles that Turkey has always come
out with similar threats addressed to any country that has passed a
resolution on the recognition of Armenian Genocide. But the fact is,
after the adoption of the resolution Turkey’s economic relations with
those countries have only become closer. That is to say the economic
sphere of Turkish American relations won’t suffer from the adoption
of the resolution, despite their threats. As regards other especially
military relations – it is evident that Turkey has military relations
with the USA based on their interests and consequently it will be a
blow to Turkey itself. In short these threats are simply threats and
blackmail nothing more.

I don’t think the adoption of resolution 106 can have a serious and
long-lasting negative influence on Turkish – American relations.

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