"It Is Late For Opposition To Unite," Galust Sahakian Believes


Noyan Tapan
Aug 15 2007

YEREVAN, AUGUST 15, NOYAN TAPAN. We should adjust ourselves to the
thought that the Republican Party of Armenia will play a decisive
role in the forthcoming presidential elections. This statement was
made by Galust Sahakian, a member of the board of the Republican Party
of Armenia, at the press conference, which was held on August 15. He
also mentioned that it is already late for the opposition to develop
principles of unification and unite around them. In addition to this,
according to Galust Sahakian, the unification of the opposition forces
and their participation in the elections only for the purpose of having
their own chairman "does not submit to any political logic." "Whereas,
we do not regard the presidential elections as mere elections of the
president: these are elections, as a result of which political teams
are formed with new assignments, new ideas, and new principles,"
the representative of the Republican Party of Armenia mentioned.

According to him, there are rather serious problems in the country and
they agree to part of the criticisms directed at the authorities. "I do
not say that people are admired with the current authorities, However,
the current authoroties manage to prove in practice what they say,
to present their promises not by romantic, but by real pictures,"
Galust Sahakian said.

Touching upon the issue of cooperation with the opposition, he
expressed conviction that issues, which are of strategical significance
for the country, would be better to solve jointly.