ANTELIAS: Commemoration of the feast of St. Mary’s Assumption

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The feast of Assumption of Saint Mary was marked on the evening of August 11
by a Holy Mass in the yard of the Saint Mary’s Monastery in Bikfaya.
Catholicos Aram I presided over the service.

The Pontiff carried out the traditional blessing of sheep and grape and
delivered a sermon. Talking about the inspiring character of the feast, he
said: "The feast of Saint Mary is an invitation to us to be with God through
the Holy Virgin. Let us not forget that God chose Saint Mary to be the Holy
Mother. Saint Mary is a mediator between God and us. Today she invites us to
turn to God and be with God. Without the presence of God, our life looses
its meaning; it looses its true path and purpose."

"Saint Mary has been a permanent presence in the life of the Armenian
Church. Saint Mary has become an enduring presence in our Theology, our
Rituals, and our church’s life. Our church marks the feast of Saint Mary on
several occasions throughout the year. For us, she has been a source of
holiness, motherhood, integrity and all sorts of virtues," the Pontiff

Speaking about the atmosphere created by the by-elections in the Metn area
as well as the high respect shown for the Armenian Church and Community by
several government officials, political and community leaders who visited
him in the wake of the elections, the Catholicos summarized his thoughts
into four points:

a) The Armenian community of Lebanon is a single indivisible entity.
b) The Armenian community of Lebanon is an inseparable part of the
large family of the Lebanese homeland.
c) The Armenian community will continue to safeguard its community
rights, harmonizing them with the supreme interests of Lebanon.
d) Our predecessors accumulated great capital through their hard work,
loyalty and position in all fields. It is our duty not to only use that
capital, but to strengthen it.

The Pontiff concluded by calling among Armenians to strengthen their unity
and participate in the efforts to rebuild Lebanon.

The celebrant was Archbishop Gomidas Ohanian.

Holy Mass was also held in the Saint Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral in
Antelias on August 12. The Mass was followed by the blessing of grape.

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