Armenia to enhance trade ties with Iran

Aug 11 2007

Armenia to enhance trade ties with Iran
Sat, 11 Aug 2007 17:34:00

Armenia seeks to improve cooperation with Iran
The Armenian Minister of Foreign affairs, Vartan Oskanian, has said
Tehran and Yerevan should enhance cooperation on different levels.

Oskanian noted the two countries cooperation in various fields,
signaling the inauguration of the Iran-Armenia gas pipeline on March
19, 2007, as one of the most important instances.

Turning to the agreement for constructing a hydro power plant on the
Arras River, he said, `Officials are currently discussing future
mutual energy projects.’

Oskanian enumerated agriculture, transportation, higher education and
business as other areas of cooperation between Iran and Armenia.

He termed the intergovernmental commission established between Tehran
and Yerevan ‘positive’.