ANCA ER: Ohio Mayors Rally in Support of Genocide Recognition

Date: August 10, 2007
Armenian National Committee of Ohio
P.O. 419, New York, NY 10108
Contact: David Krikorian
Tel: 513-289-5265

Mayors Michael B. Coleman of Columbus, Frank G. Jackson of
Cleveland, and Mark Mallory of Cincinnati Issue Proclamations in
Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide

OH- Shortly after becoming the 40th US State to recognize the
Armenian Genocide by proclamation of Governor Ted Strickland,
Mayors Michael Coleman, Frank Jackson, and Mark Mallory issued
proclamations in remembrance of the Armenian Genocide reported the
Armenian National Committee of Ohio.

The strongly worded proclamations all note the importance of
genocide recognition and the significant role that Ohioan Armenians
play throughout the state. ANC of Ohio’s David Krikorian an Ohio
activist has been instrumental in working on having the various
Mayors issue proclamations remembering this historical fact.

Earlier this year, while at a bookstore in Oakley, Ohio, Krikorian
found a book called "Martyred Armenia and the Story of My Life,"
1920, written by Krikor Gayjinkian, an Armenian priest who fled to
Cincinnati, Ohio during the Armenian Genocide, and recounted his
stories of the massacres that took place towards the Christian
Armenians by the Muslim Turks. "With their proclamations, the fine
mayors of Ohio’s largest cities have set an example for all Ohioans
to recognize genocide where and when it happens no matter the
political fallout. It is this kind of leadership that can end the
cycle of genocide which started with the Armenian Genocide and
continues to this day with the genocide in Darfur," commented

In his proclamation, Mayor Cleveland dedicated the week of July 22-
28th in honoring and remembering the genocide of the Armenians,
coinciding with ANCA’s second "Call for Justice" campaign in which
thousands of activists from across the nation participated in
calling their member of Congress urging support of the legislation.
The success of the two call in days added tremendously to the
support and awareness of the resolution.

Ohio’s Congressional delegation has a strong record of support for
Armenian Genocide legislation with Representatives Dennis Kucinich
(D-10), Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-11), Betty Sutton (D-13), Steve
LaTourette (R-14), Tim Ryan (D-17), and Zack Space (D-18) having
already cosponsored H. Res 106. Newly elected Senator Sherrod Brown
(D) is a cosponsor of the Senate version of the initiative,

Currently over 225 U.S Representatives are signed on to H. Res.
106, and over 30 Senators signed on to S. Res. 106.

The Armenian National Committee of America is the largest and most
influential Armenian American grassroots political organization.
Working in coordination with a network of offices, chapters, and
supporters throughout the United States and affiliated
organizations around the world, the ANCA actively advances the
concerns of the Armenian American community on a broad range of

Photo Caption:
Mayor Frank Jackson of Cleveland, OH surrounded by Ohio activists

Issued Proclamations, available upon request
Mayor Michael B. Coleman of Columbus
Mayor Frank G. Jackson of Cleveland
Mayor Mark Mallory of Cincinnati

Office of the Mayor
City of Columbus, Ohio
Citation of Recognition

WHEREAS, the Mayor of the City of Columbus, Ohio has the
responsibility to recognize occasions of outstanding significance;

WHEREAS, the Armenian Genocide was conceived and carried out by the
Ottoman Empire from 1915 to 1923 resulting in the murder of 1.5
million Armenian men, women and children and the expulsion of the
Armenians from their ancestral homeland of more than 2,500 years;

WHEREAS, the first Armenian American communities in Ohio were
formed in Cleveland and Cincinnati during the very early part of
the 20th century; and today, vibrant Armenian American communities
flourished in all four corners of Ohio.

WHEREAS, Armenian Americans throughout Columbus are joined by all
those devoted to ending the cycle of crimes against humanity; and
NOW, THEREFORE, I, Michael B. Coleman, Mayor of the City of
Columbus, Ohio do hereby recognize April 24, 2007 as:

Columbus Day of Remembrance 92nd Anniversary of the Armenian
Genocide, 1915-1923

And urge all member of our community to join in recognition of this
significant occasion.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the
Great Seal of the Mayor of the City of Columbus, Ohio, to be hereto
affixed this 24th day of April 2007.

Mayor Michael B. Coleman

City of Cincinnati

City of Cleveland
Mayor Frank G. Jackson
In Recognition of Armenian Genocide Recognition
July 22nd-28th

WHEREAS, On behalf of the citizens of the City of Cleveland, I am
honored to offer this proclamation designating July 22nd-28th as
Armenian Genocide Recognition week in the City of Cleveland; and

WHEREAS, the Armenian Genocide, conceived and carried out by the
Ottoman Empire from 1915-1923, resulted in the deaths of 1.5
million men, women, and children and the deportations of an
additional one-half million individuals from their ancestral homes,
resulting in the elimination of a more than 2,500 year presence of
Armenians in their historic homeland; and

WHEREAS, recognizing the suffering of the Armenian people
underscores one of the major affronts to basic human rights and
human dignity in modern times, and preserving the memory of the
Armenian Genocide is an essential component in the worldwide effort
to avert and abolish contemporary and future genocidal actions and
other such atrocities and

WHEREAS, the people of the City of Cleveland embrace justice, and
human dignity, and feel a moral responsibility to uphold
fundamental human values, and to focus attention on human rights
abuses, ethnic cleansing, and genocide.

THEREFORE, I, Frank G. Jackson the 56th Mayor of the City of
Cleveland, do hereby offer this Proclamation designating July 22nd-
28th as Armenian Genocide Recognition week in the City of Cleveland.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have set my hand and caused the Corporate
Seal of the City of Cleveland to be affixed on this 22nd day of July
in the year 2007.

Mayor Frank G. Johnson

City of Cincinnati
Be it Proclaimed:
WHEREAS, beginning in 1915, under the direction of the Ottoman
Empire, the Armenian Genocide was carried out; and

WHEREAS, the Armenian Genocide resulted in the deaths of nearly 1.5
million Armenians, and hundreds of thousands of deportments; and

WHEREAS, the loss of life and denial of justice resulting from the
Armenian Genocide should be a lesson to all in how precious life
is; and

WHEREAS, the rich settlement of Armenians that began in Cleveland
has spread to every corner of Ohio, contributing to all aspects of
Ohio Society; and

WHEREAS, by remembering the Armenian Genocide, we acknowledge the
pain and suffering endured by those affected, and firmly assert
that these types of injustices should never happen again; and

NOW, Therefore, I Mark Mallory,
Mayor of the City of Cincinnati to hereby proclaim

April 24, 2008
As "Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day" In Cincinnati

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused this
seal of the City of Cincinnati to be affixed this 30th day of July
in the year of Two Thousand and Seven
Mayor Mark Mallory