7th Armenia-Expo Forum To Be Held In Yerevan


ARKA News Agency, Armenia
Aug 8 2007

YEREVAN, August 8. /ARKA/. ARMENIA EXPO 2007 seventh regional universal
trade-industrial forum will be held in "Dynamo" Sport Complex, Yerevan,
on September 14-17, 2007.

The organizer of the event, the LOGOS EXPO Center Company, believes
the forum will open new prospects for attracting foreign investments
to Armenia, support international cooperation, expand market and
allow entrepreneurs to find business partners.

This year LOGOS EXPO Center proposes to enlarge the number
of participants by 10% (about 180 local and foreign industrial,
commercial organizations, companies and associations), as well as to
expand the exhibit area by 10% (up to 1,500 sq/m).

Representatives from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Iran, Syria,
Lebanon, Poland, France, China and Germany are expected to participate
in the forum.

During the forum, six simultaneous expositions will be held this
year: "Industrial Armenia EXPO 2007", "Construction EXPO 2007",
"Foodstuff and Drinks EXPO 2007", "Trans EXPO 2007", "Comp EXPO 2007"
and "Printing. Publishing. Advertising EXPO 2007".

Within the "Foodstuff and Drinks EXPO 2007" exposition, a contest
for securing the "High Quality" nomination will be held. The best
participants will be selected as a result of tasting, with the winners
to receive diplomas and gold medals.

The official catalogue "ARMENIA EXPO 2007" in English and Russian
will be published as a result of the forum.

The forum is officially supported by the RA Ministry of Trade and
Economic Development, Foreign Ministry and the Union of Manufacturers
and Businessmen.

LOGOS EXPO Center is the first private exposition company in Armenia
and is a leader in organizing branch-wise, industrial, national and
international expositions and congresses both in Armenia and abroad.

The company organizes 12-15 expositions annually (their total number
making 60), which reflect the dynamic development of modern economy
and other spheres of Armenia’s social life.

LOGOS EXPO Center has been operating since 1999. Over 1,000 local
and foreign organizations have participated in its expositions,
the number of customers making 60,000.