Matthew Bryza: "Decision On Karabakh’s Future Status Is Not My Task


07.08.2007 17:50 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ "There exist three major principles, which
will influence on the talks around the Nagorno Karabakh conflict
settlement: refusal from the use of force, recognition of the right to
territorial integrity of countries and the right of nations to national
self-determination. I think, in any conflicts, let it be in Georgia,
Moldavia or Caucasus, if people are looking for a peaceful solution
it is possible to find a compromise between those principles," OSCE
Minsk Group American Co-Chair, US Deputy Assistant Secretary Matthew
Bryza stated.

He said the United States has been founded by separatists. "After
some time several countries recognized our independence, this is
normal. We reached the right to self-determination. And then -in the
XVIII century, after several years other former colonies of Spain also
needed our help; we were asked to recognize their independence. But
we said, "No, thanks, it does not proceed from our interests!"

However, we put in every case all approaches differ from each other,"
M. Bryza said. The American diplomat underlined that the search
of compromises is the objective of leaders. He thinks the right to
self-determination can reach independence or autonomous status. "And
as a mediator I cannot determine what status we will have at the
end. It is not my mission. Perhaps, representatives of the nations
will decide in future that it would be better for Karabakh to be
independent? Or they may decide that the disputed region must be
a part of Azerbaijan with a high level of independence? However,
this is not my task… Negotiations are on the way, we are looking
for compromises. But I’d like not to comment on details of the
discussion between the two presidents. According to the Constitution
of Azerbaijan, the referendum must be held with the participation
of citizens of Azerbaijan. If so, what would it mean for the status
of Karabakh, what will be the result of it? And now the Armenian
side thinks over it, what is better for him, what will mean that
referendum if the Azeri side entirely participates in it? Or perhaps
we will have another definition, another word, which would reflect
the number of votes or residents or former residents of Karabakh who
can participate in the voting. And this is a question for presidents,
not for me," Bryza underlined.

At the same time he thinks there exists a right for all refugees to
return, this is a principal issue.

"But we cannot force a solution to this issue. The presidents
themselves must decide and resolve it: when, how, on what conditions
and so on," the OSCE MG American mediator said, "Vremya Novostei"