3148 Entrants Receive Unsatisfactory Marks From HEI Entrance Examina


Noyan Tapan
Aug 07 2007

YEREVAN, AUGUST 7, NOYAN TAPAN. 4141 out of the 12 thousand and
693 entrants, who took Armenian Higher Educational Institutional
entrance examinations by August 5, received between 18 to 20 points
and another 3148 received unsatisfactory marks, that is to say less
than eight points.

According to the information provided to a Noyan Tapan correspondent
by the Republican Admission Commission, 457 entrants received the
highest mark, that is, 20 points, 267 out of which from the English
examination in the written form. 1776 entrants received 19 points,
1908 entrants 18, 1173 and 847 out of which, correspondingly, again
from the written English examination.

Marks lower than eight points were mainly received from the
written examinations of the subjects "Mathematics" and "Physics",
correspondingly, 1254 and 500 entrants. There have been no
unsatisfactory marks from the oral examinations in the Persian and
Italian languages so far.

In general, there are no 20 points registered from the examinations
in the subjects, such as "Biology", "Physics", General History",
"Chemistry", and "History of Armenian People", as well as from the
oral examinations in the Armenian and German languages, and from the
creative competition.

85 examination works were twice appealed between July 20 to August 5,
as a result of which the marks of the 65 entrants remained the same
and those of the 20 were improved.