BAKU: KLO urges government to resume hostilities against Armenia

Azeri pressure group urges government to resume hostilities against

Turan news agency
3 Aug 07

Baku, 3 August: The latest report on arms supplies to Armenia and
Yerevan’s actual refusal to continue the negotiations [on the Karabakh
settlement] show that this country has no desire to sign a peace
agreement. The continuation of the talks against this background only
helps Armenia to arm itself, the Karabakh Liberation Organization [KLO]
has said in a statement.

The KLO blames Russia for supplying Armenia with weapons, which
demonstrates Moscow’s "dark intentions" with regard to the Caucasus.
Official Baku should review its relations with Russia which cannot hold
the post of chairman of the OSCE Minsk Group.

To recap, the KLO urges the Azerbaijani authorities to prevent the
enemy from arming itself and start military operations first.