Karabakh Telecom Gave Children Of Stepanakert Another Three Playgrou


Lragir, Armenia

July 30 2007

On Saturday another three playgrounds were opened in Stepanakert,
which were built on the donation of Karabakh Telecom. Ralf Yirikian,
CEO Karabakh Telecom, the mayor of Stepanakert Edward Aghabekyan and
a lot of children from the neighborhood participated in the ceremony
of opening.

The chair of Stepanakert Foundation Naira Poghosyan, said Karabakh
Telecom was the first company which responded to the project Happy
Children proposed by the foundation, which involves construction
of children’s playgrounds. Over 7 million drams was spent on these
three playgrounds.

According to Ralf Yirikian, the construction of playgrounds for
children will continue in both the capital and the regions of the
country. The company sponsored playgrounds in Berdzor Shushi, Askeran,
Martakert and three playgrounds in Stepanakert. Another two playgrounds
are being built in Stepanakert and one in Martuni and Hadrut each. Moms
and grannies of children thanked for the initiative. They said now they
do not worry for their children, for now they have a place to play.

The idea of playgrounds was offered by Stepanakert Foundation. In
2006 5 million drams was allocated from the city’s budget for this
purpose. For the Happy Children Project Artsakh Energy donated 50
thousand drams, Artsakh Bank 100 thousand drams, Petrol Service 200
thousand drams, SBS 100 thousand drams, Artsakhkap 100 thousand drams,
Tamara 100 thousand drams, the ministry of economy and finance 44
thousand drams, Artsakh Gas 25 thousand drams, the National Security
Service 187 thousand drams, the ministry of territorial governance
and development of infrastructures 68 thousand drams, etc.

Base Metals spent 9.5 million drams on a playground at 6 and 8
Saroyan Street. The City Hall built playgrounds at 8 Lusavorich
(1.2 million drams), 13 Manoogian (1.4 million drams), 28 Knunyants
(1.9 million drams), 9 Hekimyan (2.8 million drams) and 3 Hekimyan
(1.6 million drams). The playground at 8 Lusavorich was built by
Stepanakert Foundation and the businessman Armen Abgaryan.

The mayor of Stepanakert said the city got 11 playgrounds on the
donations raised by the foundation.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress


Emil Lazarian

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