Days Dedicated To Russian Language And Literature To Be Held In Yere


Noyan Tapan
Jul 27, 2007

YEREVAN, JULY 27, NOYAN TAPAN. Events dedicated to the Russian language
and literature will take place in Yerevan and Stepanakert between
September 11 to 17. Meetings with cultural figures, creative unions,
specialists in literature and library workers will be held within
the frameworks of these events.

According to the information provided to a Noyan Tapan correspondent
by Levon Ananian, the Chairman of the Union of the Writers of
Armenia, conferences, workshops, and courses of mastery will also
be organized during the one-week meetings. This cognitive program is
being implemented with the cooperation of the RA Ministry of Culture
and the Union of the Writers of Armenia.

The Chairman of the Union of the Writers of Armenia also mentioned
that days of Georgian poetry will be held in November in Armenia and
Artsakh and the delegation of Armenian writers will leave for Georgia
next year, where the fourth All Armenian literary conference will be
held. The second conference of Armenian writers, who write in foreign
languages, will be organized in Armenia this October.

L. Ananian declared that the anthology of the Georgian poetry has
been published in Armenian this year on the initiative of the Union
of the Writers of Armenia. "The anthology of Modern Armenian prose
has already been published in the Russian language, "the anthology of
the Modern Armenian novel" will also be published in that language
in the coming one month," he said. It is also envisaged to publish
the Modern Armenian poetry in Persian.

The Chairman of the Union of the Writers of Armenia also stated that
the Modern Armenian prose, dramaturgy and poetry has already been
published in English and the best pieces of the modern poetry are
envisaged to be published in one volume with a parallel English
translation. L. Ananian mentioned that a chronicle will also be
formed this year and the best works published in literary press in
the Diaspora and Armenia during this year will be included in it.

According to the Chairman of the Union of the Writers of Armenia,
the Union takes great measures in the direction of exporting and
spreading the modern Armenian literature, in particular, in Armenia ,
as well as beyond its boundaries.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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