Armavia Is Ready To Fly United States


Lragir, Armenia
July 27 2007

The owner of the national airlines Armavia Mikhail Baghdasarov stated
July 27 at the Hayeli club the number of passengers of the company
grows by an annual 0.6 percent, it develops and gradually becomes
member of the European family of aviation. According to Mikhail
Baghdasarov, only 0.5 percent of delays are Armavia’s fault.

Baghdasarov stated confidently that Armavia’s parameters are better
than those of the Russian and some European airlines.

Mikhail Baghdasarov said presently the company has 7 planes, it will
buy another two A320 planes before 2008 and one A330 by 2011.

Besides, the company will have more regular flights. Armavia already
flies to Cologne, soon the Yerevan-Beijing and Yerevan-Tokyo flights
will be launched. Armavia is ready to start flights from Yerevan to
Los Angeles. The United States is not against, and now the General
Department of Civil Aviation of Armenia is negotiating with the
Armenian party.

The owner of Armavia also said soon the Armavia Technic Company will
be set up which will repair not only Armavia’s planes but also other
companies’ planes. In the nearest future, it will be possible to book
tickets on the web.