Serge Sargsian: "Main Goal Of Government Is To Unite Society"


Noyan Tapan
Jun 26 2007

YEREVAN, JUNE 26, NOYAN TAPAN. On June 26 the RA National Assembly
restarted the work of the first session interrupted on June 7. Prime
Minister Serge Sargsian introduced the project of the government,
stressing, in particular, five main points: national security and
stable development, productiveness of the state government, education
and science, proportionate development of territories, and social
protection of RA citizens.

By the way, when the Prime Minister spoke about the proportionate
development of territories, he declared that a development project will
be worked out in the near future, and that it would be right to start
in the Shirak region, in Gyumri, in particular, as well as in Yerevan,
which "in its prejudice" has become a center of infrastructures:
some infrastructures will be brought out of Yerevan.

It was also mentioned that with the implementation of this program,
the government expects a real annual increase of 8-10% in Gross
Domestic Products, at least a 10% increase in the annual volumes of
contributions and in non-agricultural employment, an essential victory
over poverty, as a result of which the general poverty level will
be below 12%, as well as an annual increase in the pension level,
and in the financing of the state expenses directed at the spheres
of health and education, as well as many others.

"This project submitted for your decision is rather pretentious and
all the collaborators of the state government bodies will be under
a great strain," Serge Sargsian said. He also made assertions that
the government is ready to help with the implementation of these
projects. In the Prime Minister’s opinion, analysts estimate the
activities of the government by quantitative indices, however for him
"there is another more important index that is not submitted to a
quantitative estimation: that is the trust of people tomorrow and in
the future of our country," and the main goal of the government will
be to unite the society under the slogan "For you, Armenia."

The issue of the government’s project to be approved by the Parliament
and the NA Regulations-Law is put to vote within five days after
being introduced. The NA decision on approving the project is made
by a majority of votes of the total number of MPs, that is to say by
at least 66 votes.

It should be mentioned that the Orinats Yerkir (Country of Law)
and Zharangutiun (Heritage) opposition factions, which were absent
on June 7, are taking part in the sitting.

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