Opposition members of CEC refuse to sign protocol on Elect. Results

Opposition members of Central Electoral Commission refuse to sign
protocol on results of parliamentary elections

2007-05-13 18:54:00

The members of the Central Electoral Commission from the opposition
parties National Unity, Orinats Yerkir and Justice bloc Zaven Pluzyan,
Sona Sargsyan and Felix Khachatryan have refused to sign the protocol
on the results of the past parliamentary elections.

To remind, according to the preliminary results, five political
parties have got into the parliament. RPA has got 32.9% of votes
(against 23.66% in the previous parliament), Prospering Armenia –
14.7%, ARFD – 12.75% (against 11.45%), Orinats Yerkir – 6.9% (against
12.60%) and Heritage party – 5.82%.

The main sensation was that National Unity, People’s Party and United
Labor Party have failed to poll necessary 5% but only 3.59%, 2.76% and
4.27% respectively. In the previous parliament ULP and NU had 5% and
8.91% respectively. New Times got only 3.38%, Dashink 2.38%, People’s
Party of Armenia 1.7%. The turnout was 59.99%.

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