Armenian Party Urges People To Vote For It As It Is Old And "Well-Or


Public Television of Armenia, Yerevan
2 May 07

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation – Dashnaktsutyun (ARFD) has
urged voters in its election advert to support the party in the 12
May parliamentary polls because it is old and well-organized.

An election advert shown on Armenian Public TV during an allocated
airtime on 2 May showed ARFD bureau member Hrant Margaryan addressing
a rally in Yerevan.

"We are different from all others," Margaryan said. "I am sure that
our wise people will ignore election bribes and pressure and will
vote for the Armenian Revolutionary Federation – Dashnaktsutyun."

Another ARFD member, Ruben Hakobyan, was shown speaking at a rally
in Vanadzor, northern Armenia. "Each of you will determine the fate
of this country, and the only way you will decide is by casting your
vote," Hakobyan said.

Labour and Social Affairs Minister Aghvan Vardanyan, who is also a
member of the ARFD, was shown speaking at a meeting in the town of
Martuni, eastern Armenia.

"Dashnaktsutyun is a political organization with a programme and
ideology and it is well-organized, and that is why it has been around
for 117 years," Vardanyan said. "If you take away the first 10 names
from the party’s list of candidates, almost nothing will change. The
governance of a state should be trusted to political organizations,
not individuals who are subject to pressure and temptations."

The advert went on to show Agriculture Minister Davit Lokyan speaking
at a meeting in the town of Spitak, northern Armenia. Compare
the parties, their histories, the names included in their list of
candidates, Lokyan said. There are parties that were established
only months ago, and they are trying to get votes using their vast
financial resources, the minister said.

Deputy parliament Speaker Vahan Hovhannisyan was shown speaking at a
rally in the town of Ashtarak, north of Yerevan. Dashnaktsutyun used to
be in the opposition and defied pressure from the authorities. Later
on, it was part of the authorities and kept away from temptations
and stayed clean, Hovhannisyan said. This is a party that can stand
pressure from within and outside the country and keep the country
strong against external pressure, he said.

The advert went on to show Hrant Margaryan speaking at a meeting in
the town of Gyumri, western Armenia. Our people are sick and tired
of this situation, they want stability, they want politicians to lead
them and build our future, he said.

"People support us, and we have no doubts about it," Margaryan said.

Duration 6’20".

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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