Connecting Armenia To Europe – Haypost Joins Eurogiro

27.04.2007 17:37

Today HayPost signed the membership agreement for Eurogiro Network,
through which HayPost offices will be electronically connected to
more than 60,000 post offices across Europe; the 50 million Postbank
accountholders in Europe will be able to send money in a reliable, fast
manner and at low cost to any of the 900 communities in Armenia. The
Eurogiro membership also provides high quality gateways to the US
banking system, and e.g. postal banks in Brazil, Japan and China.

"The Eurogiro membership is a fundamental step towards the Postbank in
Armenia – it will fuel the competition in money transfers. Armenia’s
rural and remote communities will be able to receive their money
literally around the corner- without the need to travel a day to a bank
branch in the city," said Hans Boon, trust manager of HayPost. "Armenia
is the first country of the Commonwealth of Independent States that
joins Eurogiro – we are very happy with this expansion of Eurogiro’s
network and welcome HayPost !" commented Soren Rose, the Deputy
Managing Director of Eurogiro Network. The agreement was signed today
in Switzerland, Berne at the headquarters of the Swiss PostFinance,
one of the leading members of Eurogiro.

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