Commemoration Services In Frankfurt Of Mine, Koln, Berlin

By Anahit Hovsepian, Germany

AZG Armenian Daily

On April 24, at 16:00 o’clock in Paulskirshe (St. Paul Church) took
place a commemoration annual ceremony devoted to the victims of
the Armenian Genocide, organized by the Armenian Central Committee
and Primacy of Germany. Other commemorations took place in French
Fridrichshaft Church, Berlin and Great St. Martin Church, Koln. Many
political figures, representatives of culture and science took part in
commemoration ceremony of Frankfurt of Mine. Some of them made a speech
on the Armenian Genocide, i.e. president of the Bundestag-Alliance
90 Greens union Frits Kuhn, president of the Cultural Scientific
Institute of Essen, historian Yorn Ryusen, in Berlin – the Ambassador
of Armenia in Germany Karine Ghazinian and the leader of the Armenian
Committee of Germany Shavarsh Hovasapian.

Arch episcope Garegin Bekgian concluded the commemoration service
with his prayer.

The main speakers of the commemoration in Berlin were the speaker
of Bundestag Norbert Lamert, professor of Hamburg social research
institute Dr.

Yan Phillip Reemtsmann, representative of the Armenian community
Vardges Aylakian, Yurgen Kayzer from Fridrichshaft Church, the
Ambassador of Armenia in Germany Karine Ghazinian. Berlin choir of
the Armenian community gave a performance during the ceremony. After
the commemoration service the Armenian painters Avo Arakelian, Anahit
Mkrtchian, Armine Petrosian, Shavarsh Khachatrian, Hrant Kostanian
exhibited their paintings devoted to the Armenian Genocide. In Great
St. Martin Church the representative of the Armenian community of
Koln Madlen Vardanian and then the Governor of Koln Jozef Muller
greeted the guests. The main speakers were the representative of the
speaker of North Hrenos Westfalia Landtag, deputy Tomas Schtrenberg
and writer, publicist Henrik M. Broder. In the concert part "Arcos"
string quartet made performances, Yurg Leov and Suzanne Bart read
poems of Daniel Varujan, Vahan Tekeyan translated into German. A
guard was organized on April 24, in the center of Frankfurt by the
"Against Genocide" union and other Turkish organizations in memory
of the Armenian, Greek and Assyrian victims of Genocide.

Commemorations were held in Stuttgard and Gyoppingen on April 24 and
will be held on April 28. Tesa Hofmann will make her speech in the
Armenian House.

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