Since Early 2007, 16 Advertisers Given Permission To Advertise Drugs


Noyan Tapan
Apr 24 2007

YEREVAN, APRIL 24, NOYAN TAPAN. Since early 2007, only 16 out of 31
economic entities (advertisers), which applied to the RA Ministry
of Health, have been given permission to advertise drugs, medical
equipment or medical methods.

Suren Krmoyan, legal advisor to the minister of health, told NT
correspondent that applications not meeting requirements of the RA Law
on Advertising were mainly rejected. For example, some applications
claimed that the advertised drug has no side effects. However,
according to the advisor, it is not only forbidden by law but also
is impossible in reality. Besides, there have been cases of not
meeting the requirement on using the main language of advertising –
Armenian. Whereas, in the words of S. Krmoyan, other languages may
be used only in parallel with Armenian.

The ministry is conducting a monitoring to reveal cases of law
violations, as a result of which 11 advertisers not having the
respective permission have been revealed and warned so far. S. Krmoyan
said that 3 magazines and almost all television companies have also
been warned for placing advertisements not meeting law requirements.

He noted that if violations are not eliminated after the warning,
the ministry may bring a lawsuit to court with the request to stop
advertising. "In cases of serious violations, the ministry may apply
to the appropriate body on the issue of depriving the given economic
entity of its license," S. Krmoyan said.

According to him, a fine of 150-200 thousand drams (about 400-550
dollars) is envisaged for such violations by the draft law on
making amendments and additions to the RA Code of Administrative
Infractions. The draft was recently approved by the Armenian government
and has already been submitted to the RA National Assemly.

By the way, the RA Law on Advertising forbids advertising of
prescription drugs.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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