RA Prime Minister’s Address On Occasion Of Day Of Memory Of Armenian


Noyan Tapan
Apr 24 2007

YEREVAN, APRIL 24, NOYAN TAPAN. RA Prime Minister Serge Sargsian
sent an address to the Armenian people on the occasion of the day
of memory of the Armenian Genocide victims. The message the text of
which was submitted to Noyan Tapan by the RA Government’s Information
and Public Relations Department, says:

"Dear compatriots,

Today, when all the Armenians, both in Fatherland and Diaspora
commemorate memory of the Armenian Genocide victims, we again bow
our heads in memory of our innocent martyrs become victims of the
genocide. This unprecedented crime at the state level planned and
committed by Ottaman Turkey 92 years ago was not prevented, recognized
in time and comdemned, just by it opening a road for repetition of
similar crimes.

The condemnation of the Armenian Genocide is not only a problem of
Armenians as the genocide is a crime addressed against the mankind.

We today express our sincere gratitude to those states, organizations
and individuals who support us in our struggle of preventing and
condemning crimes addressed against the historic truth, mankind.

Our struggle proceeds in the name of the mankind, in the name of memory
of victims of all the genocides. We struggle for similar crimes are
not repeated any longer.

Today we also commemorate memory of Agos newspaper editor-in-chief
Hrant Dink killed on January 19 of this year and express our
assistance to the Turk intellectuals and individuals struggling from
the historic truth.

Dear compatriots,

The problem of recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide
in one of the issues on agenda of our foreign policy. We remember our
history but Armenia goes forward, striving for establishing normal
relations with all the neighbors. Armenia moves forward, inflexibly
building a civilized, developed and democratic state."

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