PM is For Giving New Flats to Former Owners in Territories For Sale


YEREVAN, APRIL 16, NOYAN TAPAN. RA Prime Minister Serge Sargsian
received on April 13 those inhabitants of the Northern avenue, Dalma
gardens, Buzand, Firdus and Nork gardens streets and neighboring
territories, who have problems relating to plots or flats. The
latters, as it was mentioned in the information submitted to Noyan
Tapan by the RA Government’s Information and Public Relations
Department, addressed to corresponding state bodies for a long time
and periodically and did not get a response till now. Yerevan Mayor
Yervand Zakharian was also present at the meeting.

The Prime Minister, listening to the inhabitants, divided their
problems into two parts: citizens whose flats have already been sold
and no corresponding contracts were signed, compensation problems were
not solved, and citizens who still live in their flats in future
subject for sale. The Prime Minister mentioned that he is for
realistic and clever solutions in favour of a citizen. He emphasized
that every case must be separately studied, at the same time adding
that, of course, it is not possible to solve all the issues in a week.
Serge Sargsian also mentioned that he is for construction of new flats
for citizens in the territories which are not sold yet. Taking into
consideration the great volume of problems as well as to avoid
different speculations during the pre-electoral period, Serge Sargsian
promised to again meet in the middle of May, after the parliamentary
elections, and till that, he instructed the Yerevan Mayor to receive
the citizens during this period of time, discuss possible solutions
and fix mutually admissible approaches.

Then Serge Sargsian received representatives of the "Masis-3" house
building co-operative of the 16th district of the Yerevan community of
Ajapniak. The latters presented the Prime Minister the previous story
of the problem, according to what "Masis-3" house building
co-operative was formed in 1986, involved 120 shareholder
families. Construction of the building was stopped in 1992, the level
of its readiness is about 80%. Members of the house building
co-operative addressed in April, 2006, to RA Prime Minister Andranik
Margarian, with a request to show state assistance for finishing the
building construction. By the RA Prime Minister’s instruction, the
technical examination of the building frame was implemented by the
"Hayseysmshin and KP" Scientific Research Institute OJSC, based on the
conclusion and proposals of which the only organization specialized in
construction of similar buildings worked out the project and estimate
documents necessary for finishing the building construction. According
to the estimate, 454 mln drams are demanded, 164 mln of which is for
increase of the level of seismic proof of the construction. There are
30 free flats in the building.

The Prime Minister attempted to get to know from the inhabitants what
assistance they expect from the state and what participation they
themselves can have in solution of the raised problem, after what he
promised to again meet with the inhabitants to already find some

Prime Minister Serge Sargsian also received a group of former
employees of the "Armenian Airways" CJSC who also periodically
addressed to corresponding state bodies with the request of their
salaries. As it was spoken about great money, the Prime Minister
attempted to find out the former pilots notions concerning the ways of
solution of the problem and put a task before the chief of the
Department General on Civil Aviation attached to RA Government to find
such solutions which will not oppose the legislation within as short
time as it is possible.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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