Water Delivered to Martakert

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Water Delivered to Martakert

The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund brought daily water to more than 600
inhabitants of the frontier Vaghuhas Village of the Martakert Region.
Today Vaghuhas has a 9-km pipeline, 4 water-receiving stations, and a
reservoir with a capacity to store 50m3 of water. The old internal
distribution network has been fully renovated. The project was implemented
with the allocations of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Argentina local
committee and funds raised during the 2005-Telethon.
Vaghuhas and the neighboring villages were almost entirely deprived of
drinking water. The villagers received water a few hours a week while some
95 families had no water at all. The Vaghuhas water supply network was built
in 1975 and had never been repaired. The pipelines and internal distribution
network had in time decayed and deteriorated.
Water supply issues are issues of great urgency for the NKR in general. The
Karabagh independence war greatly damaged the border Region of Martakert and
currently its infrastructures need serious reconstruction.
In the framework of the Artsakh Revival project, launched in 2006, by the
Hayastan All-Armenian Fund, 60 rural communities of the Martakert Region are
gradually coming back to life. With funds raised during the 2005 telethon,
along with the Vaghuhas water supply, the All-Armenian Fund brought natural
gas to the village of Aradjadzor. Now the 850 inhabitants of the village
enjoy the comfort of having natural gas in their homes.
In 2006, another project started and is underway to improve the network
supplying water to Martaert, and the villages of Mets Shen, Maghavuz, and
A new 30-km water-main will be connected to the pipelines of these three
villages ensuring drinking water for the population of Martakert and the
three neighboring villages, to a population of overall 5160 people. The
project is carried out with means allocated by the Fund’s French local
committee and donations gathered during the 2005 Telethon.
In 2007, an important water supply renovation project started in the Vank
Village with a population of 1450. The villagers have water only a few hours
a week. The water spring runs out from the nearest hills. The existing
distribution network was built in 1958 and currently is in desperate
conditions. In Vank Village, a 5-km new pipeline will be constructed and
the 7-km internal distribution network will be restored with the donations
made by the Fund’s local committees of France and East Coast USA, as well as
the St. Sarkis Charitable Fund of Great Britain and the people of Armenia.
Due to the new reservoir, nearly 370 families will be provided with water.
Beginning from this year, the Artsakh Revival project has started at full
gear in the Hadrut region as well. You can be informed about the works
carried out for construction of gas and water supply networks, as well as
health care institutions and schools in our upcoming reports.

Hayastan All-Armenian Fund
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