Negotiations Take Place Behind The Stage


07-04-2007 11:36:43

The pre-election intrigues related to "non-nomination" of candidates
and lack of information continue. The people, who are not indifferent
towards what happens in the country, are trying to discuss their
future but in vain. We talked to the leader of the Tradition NGO,
former member of parliament Valery Balayan.

KO: Mr. Balayan, how do you evaluate the pre-election period in

Unsatisfactory. The negotiations take place behind the stage, and
the society is not informed. For instance, I do not know who will
be nominated.

KO: Do you think public debates on urgent issues are necessary? What
influence can public opinion have on the government policy?

Public debates are necessary in every society. And they should be
on issues which worry the society. The influence of the moods of
the public on the government depends on if the government is not
indifferent towards the life of common people. It does not mean,
however, that there should be no public debates.

KO: Do you feel informed in our society?

Not sufficiently, I think, and I get information from the media, the
" marketplace" and other informal sources.

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