Turkish Political Scientist About The Terrorist Act Of October 27

By H. Chaqrian

AZG Armenian Daily

Recently the "Abhaber" website, the Turkish version of "Euronews",
published an article by professor Hasan Koni, lecturer at the
International Relations Department of the Ankara State University. In
the article, entitled "The Armenian Question and the International
Status of Turkey", professor Koni speaks about Turkey’s efforts to
establish diplomatic relations with Armenia and explains their failure
by the interference of Russia.

Koni also mentions the terrorist act of October 27, 1999 in the
Parliament of Armenia. We cannot either deny or affirm his statements,
but one thing is certain about them: they are rather interesting. "In
1993 a conference of Turkish republics was held. Hasan Hasanov,
who was Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan those days, on the conference
complained that the promised dollars had not been received yet. He
said Azerbaijan was being cheated for two years. Indeed in those
times Caucasus expected financial assistance. At the moment Russia
appeared on the scene. Russia provoked Armenia against Azerbaijan in
the issue of Karabakh. We tried to establish relations with Armenia
(then, in the days of Kocharian five politicians, with who we had
got in touch, were murdered in the House of the National Assembly
of Armenia, for if Armenia established contact with us, Russia would
lose the region forever). We were not permitted to establish contact
and turn the Armenians on our side (of course, it is uneasy to speak
all about this to the international public)."