Death becomes a political figure in Armenia

Death becomes a political figure in Armenia

27-03-2007 15:46:47 – KarabakhOpen

The government of Armenia resigned after the death of Prime Minister
Andranik Margaryan. New prime minister will be appointed within ten
days. The resignation of the government after the death of the prime
minister is in accordance with the Constitution.

`Andranik Margaryan passed away in a crucial period for us when the
government must reach right solutions to find a way out of this
situation,’ said the Armenian president Robert Kocharyan.

The current period is really crucial. As crucial as the period which
preceded the death of Ashot Navasardyan and Vazgen Sargsyan, the
previous leaders of the Republican Party. Death in Armenia is
unfortunately becoming a political figure. The untimely death of
Andranik Margaryan, who was considered by many as a balancer in the
government, mixed the cards. It is possible that someone will have to
open his cards earlier, and someone will get new opportunities. And
though the political forces are reluctant to discuss before committing
the prime minister to the earth who will be appointed prime minister,
the problem nevertheless exists. Because the pre-election period is
not a matter of individuals or even political parties but the
philosophy of development of the state.

Within 20 days after the appointment the new prime minister will
appoint a new government, in other words, the government should be
shaped by April 26, and 16 days later a parliamentary election will be
held in Armenia. And after the first meeting of the new parliament
the government will resign.

It has already become known that the chair of the council of the
Republican Party, the minister of defense Serge Sargsyan will be
acting leader of the Republican Party after the death of Prime
Minister Andranik Margaryan, the leader of the Republican Party.

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