Galust Sahakian Is Careful

19:23 19/02/2007

Speaking about participation of Davit Harutunyan, minister of justice,
in the proportional list of Armenian Republican Party (HHK), Galust
Sahakyan, leader of HHK block at the National Assembly, said, "The
proportional list of HHK is not ready yet. We should not get ahead
of time." asked the same question to press secretary of ministry
of justice, A. Voskanyan, who said, "The statement we released is
about the personal decision of Davit Harutunyan."

The abovementioned statement said, "Taking into consideration public
interest, we inform that Davit Harutunyan, minister of justice, has
decided to run on proportional list of the Armenian Republican Party
in the upcoming parliamentary elections."

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