ANKARA: Premier Erdogan Says Murder Of Hrant Dink Will Not Achieve I

Premier Erdogan Says Murder Of Hrant Dink Will Not Achieve Its Aim

Anatolian Times, Turkey
Jan 22 2007

KIZICAHAMAM – "This murder will not achieve what it aimed, this
game which is played on our country will certainly be thwarted,"
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan told a consultation meeting of
his Justice and Development Party (AKP) on Saturday.

"Our nation will give the best answer to those bloody hands by
clinching firmly and by embracing Hrant Dink. No bloody provocation
will be able to hinder our nation`s march on the road to freedom and
prosperity," he added.

Erdogan also said that the perpetrators of the murder would not
go unpunished and that every effort was being exerted to bring
responsible(s) before justice in the shortest possible time.

Erdogan also praised Turkey`s economic performance in his speech,
saying the steps the government has been taking have given their

"Turkey`s economy is a rising star of the region and even of the
world," he said.

"Thanks to democracy, stability and an environment of security, Turkey
has re-entered a process of production and development," he noted.

"This constitutes an invaluable achievement. There is no turning back
from this point."

Touching on the Cyprus problem, Erdogan rejected accusations that
the government has made concessions regarding the Cyprus issue.

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