Turkey: The Farewell Visit of The Russian Federation Ambassador


On Wednesday afternoon, 20 December 2006, the Ambassador in Ankara of the
Russian Federation, Petr Vladimirovic Stegniy, paid a farewell visit to His
Beatitude Mesrob II, Armenian Patriarch of Istanbul and All Turkey, on the
occasion of the ambassador’s completion of his tour of duty.
His Beatitude the Patriarch received his guest in his office. During the 45
minute visit they discussed relations between Turkey and the EU, and between
Turkey and Armenia. His Beatitude the Patriarch said, "The reality that our
Armenian brothers and sisters in Armenia and the Diaspora sometimes do not
understand, or do not want to understand, is this: we are citizens of the
Republic of Turkey and are in the dialogue of life in every area with our
Turkish Muslim neighbours. And we wish for a state of peace and harmony to
be established. Every sort of study and relationship must be future
oriented. Since God has placed these two people together in the same
geographical region, moves to increase neighbourly relations must be taken
courageously in all countries of the region."
Ambassador Stegniy said he was of the same opinion. His new assignment is in
Tel Aviv as the ambassador of the Russian Federation to Israel. Before
leaving, Ambassador Stegniy examined the collections of the Armenian
Patriarchate, and he was especially taken with the Ayvazovsky paintings and
the decrees of the Ottoman Sultans.

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