National Assembly adopted electoral code


Lragir, Armenia
Dec 22 2006

Today the National Assembly adopted the Electoral Code. In particular,
the new code provides for 7-8 thousand policemen voting in the place
of their service. It is not difficult to conclude how many times
these 7-8 thousand policemen can move from one place to another to
vote. The authors of the amendments are against publishing the lists
of the policemen beforehand, explaining it by confidentiality. The
other disputable provision, which was defined as unconstitutional
by the Constitutional Court of Armenia, involved including judges
in the electoral commissions. The judges will be replaces by
court officers. The commissions will be set up 19 days before the
election. It is also set down in the new code that the international
observers can observe the election if they have an official invitation
of the president or the government.