Be More Respectful To Our Official Statements, Erdogan Warns America

By Hakob Chakrian

AZG Armenian Daily

As we have already reported, Prime Minister of Turkey Erdogan,
after meeting with Clinton, was also to meet with Henry Kissinger,
Richard Holbrook and the heads of the Jewish community of the USA.

On his meeting with former Secretary of State Kissinger and influential
Democrat Holbrook, Erdogan mainly focused on the Iraq problem. He
emphasized the involvement of Iraq’s neighbors in the process of
settlement and noted that Northern Iraq cannot be considered a safe
region as the PKK terrorist organization headquarters is located
there. To be reminded, on November 22 Richard Holbrook already
proposed to concentrate the American corpses in Northern Iraq,
a region controlled by the Kurds, so as to protect them from eth
possible aggression of Turkey and the Americans – from terrorists.

The main subject of Erdogan’s meeting with eth Jewish community
elite became Turkey’s strict position on the events in Lebanon and
the situation with "Hamas".

Erdogan’s meeting with Edward Kennedy nothing is said in the
international media but a short phrase by CNN-Turk that "Kennedy is
known to be an advocate of the Armenian Genocide formulas".

This means that Kennedy-Erdogan meeting wasn’t successful for
the Turkish anti-theory against the Armenia genocide. Most likely,
Erdogan’s visit to New York wasn’t a success for Turkey, either. As,
after the abovementioned meetings, at the press conference, the
journalists asked the following question: "The American printed press
will comment your statements on "Hamas" and on "the civil war in Iraq"
in different ways. Most likely, the mass media sources will state
that Turkey contradicts that the official positions of both Israel
and Washington. What do you think what is the problem?"

In response, Erdogan stated that whether Turkey is deprived of its
right to have its own viewpoint. He also urged to respect their
official positions.

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