No Principal Agreement Reached During Yesterday’s Armenian-Azerbaija


ArmInfo News Agency, Armenia
Nov 29 2006

No final agreement is reached around principal issues during
yesterday’s Minsk negotiations of the Presidents of Armenia and
Azerbaijan. As ArmInfo was told in the informed circles, despite this,
there is no categorical aversion of positions that could lead to the
negotiation process failure, and finding out of contact points in
the outlook is not ruled out. According to ArmInfo data, the OSCE
MG Cochairmen had expressed their expectations in the beginning of
the meeting of the Armenian and Azeri delegations in an enlarged
format. In their opinion, a progress in the evening-out of the sides’
disagreements with regard to the text of the document in circulation
is to be the primary task. They also wished to hear the position
of R. Kocharyan and I. Aliyev concerning their further steps in the
Karabakh conflict settlement.

As it became known, the sides expect a concretization of positions
during the next annual meeting of OSCE Foreign Ministers in Brussels
December 4-5, especially as there will be formulations in the political
statement of the meeting for the Karabakh issue as well. At the same
time, the Armenian side keeps on hoping that Azerbaijan will finally
recognize a lack of prospects and harmfulness of the attempts to
lead the negotiation process out of OSCE MG frames, particularly,
to make the conflict a subject of UN consideration. In view of this,
the Armenian officials have multiply talked of the huge differences
in the reasons of appearance of the so-called frozen conflicts.

The informed Armenian circles of the country are sure that, despite
the 2007-2008 election campaigns in both countries, the negotiation
process will continue, though there are no great expectations yet
about its results. It has also became known that the OSCE MG American
Cochairman, Mathew Bryza, had informed the negotiation participants,
at yesterday’s meeting in an enlarged format, of his recent meeting
with the President of NKR, Arkady Ghukassyan. M. Bryza has positively
assessed this meeting and noted he does not see any obstacles for
continuation of the negotiation process.

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