Karabakh party must participate in talks

Azat Artsakh, Republic of Nagorno Karabakh
Nov 25 2006



After the meeting of the NKR-Armenia Parliamentary Commission on
November 21and 22 the speaker of the parliaments of NKR and Armenia
held a press conference. NKR Speaker Ashot Ghulian told news
reporters that there was no arrangement on meeting with the NKR Minsk
Group co-chairs in Yerevan. `They are visiting the region to prepare
the meeting of the presidents of the two countries, but the U.S.
co-chair will meet with NKR President Arkady Ghukassian who is
visiting the United States on these days.’ Speaker Tigran Torosyan
said he does not expect progress in the talks considering the
approach of Azerbaijan, namely the propaganda of hatred, boosting of
the military budget in this country. `On the other hand, in the
beginning the Azerbaijanis agree behind closed doors, but when they
have to act publicly, they deny these approaches. If there is the
least progress, it can be considered as success.’ In answer to the
question about the principles on the table of negotiations, NKR
Speaker Ashot Ghulian said, `As to the principles, I think they cover
all the issues which is a package solution of the problem. As to the
contents and context of the principles, since the process is
confidential, and not everything is released, I think today it is
difficult to express a definite opinion on one principle or another.’
With regard to the problem of engagement of Karabakh in the talks.
Ashot Ghulian said when Azerbaijan becomes mature in terms of the
settlement of the problem, it will not be a mere wish but political
will, and at that time Karabakh will participate in the talks. `The
participation of Karabakh is not an end in itself. We must not take
part in the talks only to establish that Karabakh is also a party in
the talks. It is set down in international documents that Karabakh is
a conflict party, and there are three parties, Karabakh, Azerbaijan
and Armenia. Today’s situation is caused by the claims of Azerbaijan,
which seems to have made the range of the talks narrower. But if the
settlement of the problem of the talks is successful, it is of course
acceptable for us. We think that the Karabakh party should must part
in the talks, which will show that the negotiations are on the track
for a settlement.’ In answer to the question why the NKR borders are
not set down in the draft constitution of NKR, Speaker Ashot Ghulian
said NKR, which was proclaimed on September 2, 1991 in referendum, is
set down in the constitution. Of course, the draft could have
included this issue, but borders are not mentioned in any other
modern constitution. The question of the borders will be regulated by
a law. One of the articles runs that before the restoration of the
territorial integrity of Nagorno Karabakh and final drawing of the
borders the authority of the government is within the current actual
border. As to the question of the likelihood of Arkady Ghukassian to
run a third term, Ashot Ghulian says certain media are trying to keep
this topic hot and alert. However, he says, there is no provision in
the Constitution which enables Arkady Ghukassian to run a third term.
`It is another question, that as a first constitution, it does not
exclude such a possibility, but the president of NKR answered to this
on November 11. If it is necessary to make such statements every
week, I think it is growing into absurdity.’

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