Why Do They Remember Hmayak And Forget About Serge?


Lragir, Armenia
Nov 21 2006

Member of Parliament Hmayak Hovanisyan voiced indignation November
21 about the statement on Shant Channel that he defected from one
party to another for several times in his political career. Hmayak
Hovanisyan stated that he was beside the Armenian Revolutionary
Federation Dashnaktsutyun in 1990 and supported the reestablishment
of the ARF Dashnaktsutyun in Armenia because he believed that "a
leftist alternative to the liberal All-Armenian Movement was necessary
because the Communist Party was paralized." After Dashnaktsutyun
Hmayan Hovanisyan was not member of any party and only in 1998 he
set up the People’s Party of Armenia with Karen Demirchyan. After
the People’s Party he did not enter any other political party.

The member of parliament was surprised why Shant forgot about
Serge Sargsyan’s passages from one party to another and remembered
about Hmayak Hovanisyan. "He was a member of the Communist Party,
assistant secretary of the regional committee, in other words, he
was a nomenclature figure. Then he became member of the All-Armenian
Movement, a liberal figure. After the Communist Party he became a
member of the rightist, liberal All-Armenian Movement. Then he became
a Nejdehian, i.e. anti-Christian. From atheism to Christianity,
liberalism, from Christianity to anti-Christianity. So, you forget
about Serge Sargsyan, and stick to Hmayak Hovanisyan," says the member
of parliament.

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