The Guide Of Istanbul Accuses French Politicians And Journalists


Public Radio, Armenia
Oct 25 2006

The French version of the official website of Turkish tourism of
Istanbul currently posts a banner to protest against the bill (October
12, 2006) voted by the French members of Parliament, penalizing
the negation of the Armenian Genocide. While clicking on the red
banner on which it is written "Turkey never perpetrated genocide in
its history," one can see an addressed to the French politicians
and to the journalists. In the second passage of the message, the
writer does not hesitate affirming only the people about whom he
says "those who do not know a minimum of the History of Our European
Continent". Obviously, each European knows that Turkey is located in
Asia, except Istanbul. Further, the precision is brought: "Turkey was
born in 1923, therefore there was no Turkish army in 1915." Then,
the French members of Parliament are remedied about the Madagascan
"genocide" carried out by France "which has so much blood on the
hands and so many skeletons in the cupboards.

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