Ruben Tovmasian: "People Speak With Slight About Those Giving Electo


Noyan Tapan
Oct 24 2006

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 24, NOYAN TAPAN. The political forces preparing for
the 2007 parliamentary elections do not propose any ideology to the
people: their idea is in the best case expressed by giving potato
and "bale robe." Ruben Tovmasian, the First Secretary of the Central
Committe of the Communist Party of Armenia (CPA) expressed such an
opinion at the press conference taken place on October 24 at the
"Pakagits" club. In his words, "the socialist ideology is admissible
for the Armenian people’s majority." R.Tovmasian mentioned that his
meetings with the population of marzes prove it. During the meetings
"the people speak with slight about those giving electoral bribe"
and inclines towards healthy political idea. As for the statements
about unification of the three communist parties of Armenia made by
Vazgen Safarian, the head of the Progressive United Communist Party
of Armenia, R.Tovmasian mentioned that "ones considering themselves
communist strive with their groups for involving the CPA in the pincers
in which they have appeared." Responding the question "Why didn’t
the RPA join the anti-criminal movement, R.Tovmasian qualified that
type of struggle promoted against criminal as a "balloon phenomenon,
which one does not know who has thought of." In the speaker’s
words, it is useless to struggle against criminal without definite
levers, and initiators of the anti-criminal movement have no such
levers. Speaking about the Armenian-Russian relations, the CPA First
Secretary mentioned that the 400-year history of the two peoples may
not be damaged because of statements made by political figures like
Russian State Duma deputy Konstantin Zatulin. In R.Tovmasian’s words
"one must not identify Zatulin with the Russian state."

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