RA NA Takes Up Discussion Of Amendments To Electoral Code In First R


Noyan Tapan
Oct 24 2006

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 24, NOYAN TAPAN. At the October 23 last plenary
sitting, the RA NA took up in the first reading discussion of
the package of amendments to the Electoral Code. It involves EC
amendments and additions consisting of 100 articles as well as
drafts envisaging additions to the RA Criminal Code and the law "On
Parties." Particularly, the amendments proposed for the Criminal Code
envisages to make stricter punishments for electoral falsifications
and breaks. The variant of the legislative package presented for
discussion was signed by representatives of all the factions and the
group, excluding the "Ardaroutiun" (Justice) and "Azgayin Miabanutiun"
(National Unity) factions.

"Ardaroutiun" recalled its signature still in late August and
stopped its participation in works of the working group formed from
representatives of all the NA factions and the group being engaged
in working out of the draft. The faction conditioned this decision
with refusal of its proposal considered primary one for itself to
form the parliament by 100% proportional electoral system. As the
Noyan Tapan correspondent was informed by Samvel Nikoyan, a member of
the RPA faction, main reporter of the draft at the NA, after giving
the draft complete appearance, the "Azgayin Miabanutiun" party also
refused to sign it 2 days ago, with the same reasoning. S.Nikoyan
presented only some amendments because of having little time fixed
for the report at the sitting. He, particularly, attached importance
to widening of confidants’ rights, clerifying the order of appeal
of votion results. Some innovations, including votion with envelops,
orders of counting votes, using movable ballot-boxes for ill people
were also touched upon. The deputy mentioned at the same time that the
authors expect that as a result of discussions at plenary sittings,
it will be possible to find mechanisms of making clear the difficult
process of votion as well as to reach agreement on some of those
principles on which it was not managed to form a joint viewpoint in
the working group. It especially relates to the political force’s
right to recall the member proposed by it in the electoral commission
as well as the possibility of video-recording at the polling station.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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