National League Of Human Dignity And Security Protection Opens In Ye


Noyan Tapan
Oct 23 2006

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 23, NOYAN TAPAN. Opening of Armenian National League
of Human Dignity and Security Protection took place on October 23
in Yerevan. The League will operate within the framework of the
International League of Security Protection. As Valentin Varennikov,
International League’s Chairman, said at the press conference held
the same day, Armenia is the 13th state joining the International
League. He said that another 20 countries have expressed willingness
to join this NGO. V.Varennikov said that the International League is
anxious about the policy of U.S. that applies dual standards. In
his words, NATO’s position also causes anxiety, as it becomes
an instrument in the hands of a country, U.S., in particular, in
connection with the events in Jugoslavia and Iraq. The International
League considers that the problems should be solved exclusively in a
political way. V.Varennikov said that in the Nagorno Karabakh issue
the International League is for the problem’s political solution. At
that, the solution should be found in consideration of the interests
and wishes of the population living there. V.Varennikov said that
the Azerbaijani Ambassador on Special Commissions has met with him
and said about Azerbaijan’s willingness to join the League. He also
said he would like the relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan to
be the way they were in the Soviet years.