BAKU: Inal Batu: "Azerbaijan And Turkey Should Take Joint Action Aga


Today, Azerbaijan
Oct 2 2006

"The European Union countries have been making severe remarks regarding
the sa-called ‘Armenian genocide.’"

"This made both Turkish people and brotherly Azerbaijani people
run out of patience. This is a systematized campaign which aims to
make the Turkish people loose confidence in the European Union and
its targets," Turkish diplomat, parliamentarian from the Republic
People’s Party Inal Batu told the APA.

The parliamentarian noted that politicians aim to take votes from
electors benefiting from the groundless ‘Armenian genocide.’

"They promised Turkey that it will be treated like other countries
at the discussions. The European Union promised not to put additional
demands for Turkey. However, they did not keep these promises.

Europeans have realized that groundless claims of ‘Armenian genocide’
make us fury, and they focus on this issue on purpose," Mr.Batu said.

"France is leading in this process. What aim might a state official
Jacques Chirac have by visiting Armenia? This visit shows how Chirac is
far from feelings of justice and historic consciousness. The European
Union keeps ignoring Armenia’s occupying important parts of Azerbaijani
territory leaving more than one million people to become displaced
persons while it keeps on making groundless ‘genocide’ claims."

Turkish parliamentarian said the Turkish world faces an injustice
bloc. "They are conducting a secret war against us ignoring the
history. Regrettably, France which is taking pride in claiming to be
the cradle of democracy and civilization is leading in this war. I
wish the unfair campaigns against Turkey and Azerbaijan end as soon
as possible."

He stressed Azerbaijan and Turkey should make joint efforts.

"We share the same language, religion, culture and history. We are
two brotherly countries that have become target of Armenian injustice
and charlatanism. US and European Union break new records every day
regarding double standards. See the latest troubles that happened
to Lebanon. I wonder whether the West will simply observe if Arab
states attacked Israel. Or if Turk Cypriots dominated in Cyprus and
Turks acted in the same way, what would the situation be. We face
such standards of the West in our daily life. Now, there is ‘clash
of cultures.’ Permanent support for Christians in Muslim-Christian
conflicts strengthens hostility against Islam. Though Azerbaijan and
Turkey are secular states, I must say our conditions are becoming more
difficult. We suffer injustice due to bad approach towards Islam,"
he stressed.

Inal Batu have worked for Turkish Foreign Ministry for 40 years. His
last diplomatic mission was to be Turkish ambassador extraordinary
and plenipotentiary ambassador to Italy. He is a prominent diplomat
and politician for defending Turkey’s rightful position on the false
‘Armenian genocide.’


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