Three Yekaterinburg Residents Found Guilty Of Beating Armenians


Interfax News Agency
Russia & CIS General Newswire
September 11, 2006 Monday 2:23 PM MSK

Yekaterinburg’s Kirov District Court has found two teenagers aged
16 and 17 and Sergei Tkachuk, 19, guilty of fomenting ethnic hatred,
the press service of the Sverdlovsk region prosecutor’s office said
on Monday.

The court found them guilty of "fomenting hatred or enmity, as well
as humiliating human dignity," a statement by the press service reads.

The youngest participant, a youth aged 16, was sentenced to 100 hours
of community service, his friend, 17, was fined 20,000 rubles, while
Tkachuk was sentenced to 18 months of corrective labor, the press
service said.

These young people humiliated the dignity of two Armenians in public
by using violence against them on March 28, 2006, the statement reads.

"Young nationalists shouting out slogans like "For a happy Russia,"
and "Glory to Russia" as they attacked the plaintiffs, the press
service said.

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