The Republican Party Is A Caste

07 Sept 06

The Republican Party has a type of thinking typical of a caste. This
is the opinion of Member of Parliament Hmayak Hovanisyan, the chair
of the union of political scientists in connection with the election
of the head of the community of Ajapniak, namely the developments
connected with the decision of the political party not to support
the candidate Arman Sahakyan. Hmayak Hovanisyan was amazed by Galust
Sahakyan’s statement that the state starts from the family, and for
him the family is above everything.

"You see today I have every reason to argue that there isn’t such
a political party, a Republican Party is where man is guided by
the moods, approaches Stalin expressed when he said I will not
exchange the commander with the soldier. This was the resource of
the victory. When his son was captured, and they offered to exchange
Pauliss with his son, he announced, I will not exchange the commander
with the soldier," says Hmayak Hovanisyan, comparing with the state of
the Republican Party, when the political party, in fact, decided not
to support the son of one of its old members. And the political party
is said to have made this decision on the initiative of the chair of
the council of the Republican Party Serge Sargsyan, who also accused
the Sahakyans for the decision they made by themselves. Therefore, it
is interesting to know what Hmayak hinted at by citing Stalin’s words.

"In other words, in this case we may consider supporters, people
with common ideological purposes. And what is this when someone is
preoccupied with supporting his family, the placement of his son?

This clanization, formation of castes has taken place, these closed
castes have been set up and he says the interest of his caste,
his family is above all. What does the other say? Aghvan says for
him the interests of the people of Aparan are important of all. Both
cases are clear manifestations of sectarianism. People are unable to
understand that if you are a politician, you have to treat every young
man equally, like your own son, and not distinguish them. You have to
realize that your son is one of them," says Hmayak Hovanisyan. However,
after defining clearly the caste origin of the decisions of Aghvan
Hovsepyan and Galust Sahakyan, political scientist Hmayak Hovanisyan
declined to interpret, make suggestions about or analyze (which
Hmayak Hovanisyan prefers to all the others) the motivation of Serge
Sargsyan’s decision. Meanwhile, if Aghvan and Galust think about the
interests of their families each, it is interesting to know whose
interests Serge Sargsyan thinks about, who decided not to support
Galust Sahakyan’s son, his fellow party mate.

"You should ask the question about his motives to him," says Hmayak
Hovanisyan, recalling the Russian proverb, "Another man’s soul is a
dark forest".